Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Cravings

I’ve been well on my way to losing the weight that I gained last year. As of Monday morning, I was down a total of 9 lbs so far out of the 40 that I have to lose.

So, here I am, in my 4th week of eating healthy when, BAM! The cravings have hit. I NEED some good old comfort food (or so I’ve convinced myself). It’s cold, I need to snuggle up in my fleece jammies and not worry about getting out there for that workout. (yeah, right). Plus, I’m HUNGRY! On top of all that, we got hit with about a foot of snow yesterday, on top of the couple of inches from Tuesday. We’re not used to that much snow down here!

And, my treadmill is acting wonky. My repairman (my dad) is snowed in, living in the middle of nowhere like they do. Well, they can probably get out today, but I hate to ask them to come out and work on my treadmill when they are getting ready for a vacay. What to do? What to do?

All right! Enough of this! Yesterday, I did eat a lot of junk that I shouldn’t have (non-whole wheat pasta, buttery popcorn, and too much of both). I have fired pasta and buttery popcorn from my everyday life, they tend to cause me to crave other things, so I’ve banished them.

I’ve also skipped my runs this week. The snow is no excuse, I know others are out there running in it. I’ve run in it in the past. There’s no reason to skip a run just because of a treadmill problem. I’m just lazy, and enjoying those fleece jammies when the alarm goes off. Plus, with the kids out of school, I’ve been staying up and hanging out with them later than usual.

This morning, I was studying my marathon training plan and talking to my BFF. Being the athlete of the year and all, I figured I’d ask her for advice. I’m going to forgive myself for missing my run this week. According to the training plan I have, this week should be a cutback week, long run of 6 miles. I’m going to go ahead and run tomorrow morning, then do another run Saturday morning and get back on the schedule next week. That would mean a 16 mile long run next weekend, and 18 miles the weekend of the Fly With the Eagles Half. She will be running 20 miles that day, so we will go to the Half about an hour early and run the extra 5 and 7 miles prior to the race.

Disaster averted. Now, to get these cravings under control…


Viv said...

firguve and forget Tammy! You have made tremendous progess 9 lb! WHOTHOO!

Al's CL Reviews said...

WTG on the 9 pounds!

RooBabs said...

Way to regroup and avert potential breakdown. Although I don't know about that plan to run your extra miles before the race- I think it would tire me out (then again, I probably wouldn't have enough motivation to finish them after, so I think your idea is better).

To kill your cravings, eat lots of fruits and vegetables- then you're so full that you have no desire for food of any kind.