Friday, January 16, 2009

Back on Track, Quickly

After a great first week back last week, I had been slacking the first half of this week.
Slacking on my diet, slacking on the exercise and running.

Last night I ran 5 miles on the dreadmill.

This is an accomplishment. Last year was all about great starts, and quickly slacking off.
This year is about keeping it up, getting right back into it when I begin to fall out of the habit.

I can NOT continue on the same path as I was on last year.

I will say, that much as I hate the treadmill, I've sure been glad to have one at my house this week! Brrrr...


AKA Alice said...

5 miles w/dread is quite an accomplishment.

Hang in there. Your mojo will be back (probably with the sun...I don't know how ya'all do it there).

Girl on Top said...

Everyday is always a work in progress for me. Great job on the miles!

Al's CL Reviews said...