Friday, September 5, 2008

The Gauntlet

has been thrown...

Two friends from work and I are attempting to lose weight. Since we've been talking about it forever, we've decided on a friendly wager- pound for pound. I have the least to lose, but I'm not letting that stop me. I'm still going to win this challenge.

Besides, it's going to be getting cold soon, and I don't want to have to pour myself into Goretex to run this winter...

That dang running suit was far too expensive to not be used just because of excess blubber!

And, Barbie managed to find a candid shot of my daughter from Monday's race. She really enjoyed watching the finishers come across that finish line.


Carly said...

Ohhhh a can you pass that up?!
I hear you on the squeezing into the cold weather running gear. My shirts don't cover the gut and my pants look like they could rip.

Viv said...

HAHAHA the pic of your daughter checking out the runner..PRICELESS

And bring the challenge on and kick a$$!