Sunday, September 7, 2008



Today, once again I put off my run for no reason besides laziness. I did manage a short run, but that was NOT my planned 13 miles. It's time to face facts. I am not at the level of training that I had planned. Obviously.

I just worked up a 13 week training plan that would still have me ready for Memphis. I'm giving myself a couple more weeks to snap out of this before I scrap my marathon plans for this year. I really don't know what is going on with me this year. I can remember when I used to be psychotic about running my miles- I've even gone so far as jumping on the treadmill at 11pm on a Sunday night to make sure I get those last 3 miles for the week...
I don't know what switch I need to magically switch in myself, but I sure hope I figure it out soon.
Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Chicago for 2 days of meetings. Changing my routine is usually a bad thing, but I'm hoping this time it will be enough to snap me out of this funk.

I did mention 7th grade football pictures a couple of weeks ago... After yesterday's game, my son's team is now 3-1. Woo! They won yesterday's game 24-8.

He's #76:
And, another shot- strutting back to the stands after a job well done. One day, I'll have to post a video of this. His post-game strut reminds me of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.


AKA Alice said...

Boys and football...just adorable. Mine just started playing this fall...

I wish I could help you with working out of the funk...keep on trying different stuff. You'll figure it out.

Yasmin said...

I love football.

WTG on those miles, and yes, training for a marathon, 1/2 or full, is recommended... Or so I've been told.

Anonymous said...

Isn't football season great!? Love the kiddos!

RooBabs said...

Awww, what cute- I mean tough- pictures. Great job for your son's team!

Keep on plugging away- don't give up. Hopefully Chicago will help you "flip the switch". Good luck!!

Viv said...

I got the lil one playing football I still cringe when he gets hit. Does it get better as they get older? Like I told him to wash the dishes, so he needed a good tackle. LOL!

Just Kidding...seriously there will be no scrapping of any marathon plans this year missy and that is an order.