Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Newly Adjusted Plan and Did I Really Let Her Do That?

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who I hadn't seen for a few weeks. He is a bike nut, but he's been a bit out of it lately. Sound familiar?

He asked me if I was still running a lot. (Yeah, right, he probably noticed how fat my ass has gotten and already knew the answer).

I told him I was "Re-Adjusting my Plan". Yup, that's got to be it. It couldn't possibly be that, "I was lazy and now I have to recant on my original goal".

Oh, I told him he could use that as his reason for getting lazy lately, also. It's a good time to re-adjust your goals!

My new goal race will be the Memphis Marathon. I'll likely still run Columbus as a training run. My Memphis marathon training will start next Monday, the 18th. This will allow one 20-miler before Columbus, and I can run Columbus as a training run if I decide to go along with the other girls. I'll then run Memphis as my goal race. This is assuming that I can get it together between now and next Monday. Ugh!

I don't know if it's lack of sleep, stress, or pure laziness; but I'm still having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. I've got to get that under control.

So, now, Did I Really Let Her DO That??

Ummm, yes, yes I did. She's a good girl, gets good grades, doesn't get in trouble much, so I figure if she wants a piercing, what the hell!

She would kill me if she knew I was posting this picture... she had just gotten ready for bed and doesn't have on any makeup or her signature dark eyeliner. Plus, she has a sunburn from the previous weekend. But, check out that lip piercing! (barely noticeable, huh?)


RooBabs said...

No shame in re-adjusting your plan. Obviously you're very busy right now with work (and everything else, I'm sure- no wonder you're exhausted!). You're doing what you can, so don't feel guilty for that.

Besides, look at how many other races you do. You may not be on schedule with your official training, but you're living life along the way. Doesn't that count for something?!

Yasmin said...

I readjusted my 1/2 plan so many times I lost count. The goal is to get to the race healthy and (hopefuly) faster, right?

AKA Alice said...

Isn't raising teenagers a hoot? You're right, she'd kill you if she knew :-))

No shame with adjusting your plan, but the having trouble getting out of bed is worrysome. Make sure you're taking care of yourself.

BTW...a marathon as a training run. You kill me!

RooBabs said...

Hi, it's me again. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award, so check my site for all the juicy details. = )

Viv said...

So you readjusted you will make it work. You had to work was getting crazy busy. You better be at Columbus all I'm saying.

the piercing glad you approved. it is just that a barely noticeable piercing. coolness Mom!

Kelly said...

lol - I didnt even SEE the piercing! You are such a cool mom...

Good luck with the new plan - you will do awesome no matter what you decide!

And I agree with Alice on the "marathon as a training run". BWAH!!