Thursday, August 28, 2008


Anyone who has been reading here at all must already know that I have a tough time making my running a priority. I have to try and get it done at the beginning of the day because my evenings are usually all filled up with hauling teenagers around and the like.

Yesterday, after our Manager's birthday lunch, a coworker and I agreed that we both have a problem getting in our needed activity (running for me, walking for her). After much complaining about it, we decided to actually DO something about it. Both of us come to work at 7am-ish. Her hubby actually has to be at work at 6am, so her alarm goes off every morning at 4:45am. She will start getting up with the first alarm and calling me to make sure I'm getting up. If I don't hear from her by 5-5:15am, I will call her and ask her why she isn't up. In addition to this, we are journaling what we are eating.

This all started today. My alarm went off at 4:45am. I turned it off and laid back down, hoping that she wouldn't follow through.

She did.

I continued to lay there for the next few minutes until I decided that I was being ridiculous and I needed to just get up and get out the door!

I did.

Yay! Then, I came home and packed a healthy lunch, with several snacks to last me all day.
This is the best idea, just one step away from an actual training partner.


Viv said...

That is great to get a partner to keep you accountable. I am glad she followed through as did you!

Yasmin said...

Man, what time zone are you all in? I may need you to call me too, but not if your 4:45 am is my 1:45 am

AKA Alice said...

What a great idea...a friend to give you a wake up call!

I HAAAATE early morning runs, but you're right, getting my run in early certainly guarantees that it get's done. I think my afternoons are much like yours.

Diario de Elysia said...

Mornings are sooooo hard!


Carly said...

the buddy system is so great! Sometimes that is the only way I can make myself get out of bed.

Great work!

Kelly said...

Good for you Tammy!

Julia said...

My new workout buddy is the dog. My motivation to get up in the morning? He'll pee in his kennel.

Workout buddies definitely help with accountability!!!

Great job.

RooBabs said...

Having a partner is a great idea! Good for you for getting it done, and packing a healthy lunch and snacks!! Are you still doing super-long hours at work, or is your "summer project" finished?