Monday, August 18, 2008

Catching Up...


That's me, gasping for breath, now that I finally have a minute to myself.

I took my daughter to Chicago on Friday for a Tokio Hotel concert. I know what you're going to say next... Never heard of them, right? Don't feel bad, that's what everybody says. They are a young German band, that recently released their first album in English last year. My daughter has been following them since well before that, even though she couldn't understand the words.

The concert was at the House of Blues in downtown Chicago- the closest venue to us that they will hit during their North American tour. We drove up that afternoon, and stayed at a hotel within walking distance. It was CRAZY! Put a couple thousand screaming teenage girls in a small-ish bar, standing room only by the way, and imagine the fun. My ears are still ringing. It was good, though. If you know me, you know that I managed to elbow our way to the front, we could almost have reached out and touched those boys from where we stood.

Now that Tokio Hotel is becoming more mainstream, my girl is looking to other bands from Germany to follow... never one to follow along, and I'm glad.

Saturday, we drove back home, and off to a Miners baseball game. My son didn't go to that game. I managed to get him a ride to his football game that night with one of his coaches (they lost :-(.
The Miners won, in the bottom of the ninth, 8-6. Every professional baseball game I've gone to this year has ended up with my team winning in the bottom of the ninth! I should have gone to more Cardinals games this season, obviously...

Sunday morning, I got up and went for an 8 mile run with Angie. It was our first time running together, and it worked out really well. I was pleased that I've finally started to break out of my laziness rut and got out the door. Thanks to Angie (and Barbie who instigated the whole thing).

Today "officially" starts marathon training for the Memphis Marathon. I'm still thinking that I'll run Columbus, since it falls on the same weekend as my second 20 mile run. Maybe a miracle will happen, and I won't have to run Memphis at all! (not holding my breath)

So, I'm catching up on my running. I spent Sunday afternoon getting my house cleaned up enough to make it presentable (it's amazing how much stuff piles up when you're gone so much). And, I'm catching up on some of the things I've been procrastinating on at work.

Good times.


Viv said...

Glad you are cathing up and got a nice long run in. That sounded like a fun trip over to the HOB. My sister is the same way once the band gets popular or I liked the movie she would search for something different. Keeps them special.

Carly said...

woo hoo! great job on the run. The trip to chicago sounded like fun.

Yasmin said...

Here's to hoping you don't have to go to Memphis!

I love obscure bands, except the ones I like usually fizzle out before the 3rd album...

AKA Alice said...

Hooray for getting your runs in.

I hate housekeeping. I agree, how can a house get so messy when no one is home?

Amy said...

You're such a good Mom!

Congrats on the running. Sounds like you have a plan.

RooBabs said...

What a fun trip! I hope your daughter realizes how lucky she is to have a mom like you.

Lucky for you on the baseball thing. I went to a game last night, but we lost- at least I'm assuming we lost, because we left after the 7th inning with a score of 7-0. Booooo!

So glad that your running partner worked out well. Here's to fantastic training for Memphis (or Columbus)!!!

Julia said...

Awesome job on the run!

Will you be my mommy? I want to go to concerts.