Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing: GAD, Please Return if Found

I've been debating even posting anything about my lack of running lately. I fear that those of you who know me only from blogland won't know that this slug-like behavior truly isn't normal for me. Lately, it seems that I keep posting over and over about how lazy I am. I'm NOT normally this lazy, I promise.

What happened to me?
A few weeks ago, I was firmly on the wagon and raring to go.

Lately, I can't seem to drag my ass out of bed to get to work, much less get a run in before work!

Now, I do have plenty of excuses for why I'm not running...

Excuse #1 - The project I am working on right now is requiring long hours during the week, and time on the weekends to check in on the contractors' progress.

Excuse #2 - Add to that, my son's football practice has started. I have to take him straight to practice when I get off work, no time in between to even sit down and open the mail. I realize that I could run WHILE he is practicing (I've done this in the past), but I also have my daughter who wants to spend that time hanging with mom. I'm taking it while I can get it- she's almost 15 and probably won't want to spend this much time with me for much longer.

Excuse #3 - I have to be at work at 10pm on Fridays to ensure that the contractors get off to a good start, and again by 10pm on Sunday night for turnover back for our startup. I feel like I'm on standby all weekend, and the entire time is spent dreading the Sunday night return.

Sidenote: I should be used to all of this by now! My life hasn't changed that drastically from the norm. I have projects similar to this every summer, but I've never struggled with it this much.

Excuse #4 - On top of all that, I'm still the biggest I've ever been. I've always been obsessed about my weight. I always thought I was getting "fat" anytime my BMI crept up between 24 and 25. Now, my BMI has actually managed to get into the "Overweight" category. This morning's weight has my BMI at 27.1, firmly in the "Overweight" zone. This really shouldn't be an excuse for not running, but I seem to use it as one anyway.

And, I can't seem to get my give-a-damn back to do something about it. I just want to sit around and eat pizza and Mexican food and not worry about it.

So far I've only missed 1 long run, but I've missed more than a few of my normal mid-week runs over the past few weeks. I think I still have time to get this under control before I destroy my marathon plans, but I've gotta get busy NOW!

If you happen to find my give-a-damn, please send it my way... Thanks!


Carly said...

I think your GAD and my GAD are on vacation together.

I am not much of a motivator, but I can comiserate with you! HA!

Yasmin said...

Tammy and Carly, our GAD are having margaritas on the Mexican Rivera together.

But really, it sucks that you get to be at work at 10pm on Sunday. That is so not cool.

Delane said...


*kicking you in the rear*


Okay I'm really bad at this b/c I'm the person who went to target instead of running tonight.

I will say this 7 years of work excuses got me where I am today..OVER 200 LBS. And trust me, its a lot easier to lose 20 lbs than 100 lbs!

MizFit said...

Gooooood morning!

Im here for you.

get the shoes.

get ME some coffee :)

sorry I was MIA for a bit---but Im home.

let's run.

xo xo,


Amy said...

Your schedule sounds crazy. It's easy to get off track when stressed out.

My GAD is with all of the other GADs. So I'm not much help. But it sounds like a run would be a good stress reliever for ya.

Mark Salinas said...

It happens...time to get it rollin' again. No biggie!

Viv said...

Tammy I don't know you personally but I have seen your stats at their best and know that you are quite a strong runner. Find that GAD.... I have been there. You know what I think about excuses you have been busy no doubt now get out there runner and pick up that GAD!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Carly and Tammy- I'm meeting you on the GAD vacation!

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