Thursday, May 1, 2014

Run for the Ivy 10K, 4/26/14

I was supposed to work all day Saturday.

Well, "supposed to" is strong language.  A consultant was in, and I had sat in on the sessions with him Thursday and Friday, planning to spend Saturday.

We had already registered for a 10K race on Saturday.

I had already worked over 60 hours for the week.

Friday evening, when I left work at 8pm (and skipped out on their after-dinner session), I decided that I had enough and was going to run the race on Saturday morning anyway.

Saturday morning, up and at 'em.  Only, not that early.  The race had a 9am start time, and the high for the day was predicted to be in the 80s.  I dressed in a running skirt and tank and hoped for the best.

The race started a few minutes late (as most races do around here, from what I've seen so far).  I was a little worried when we started because I felt like my skirt was slipping down my hips (it was new).  As we got going, it seemed to stay put after the first half mile or so.

I pushed myself harder than I usually do the first run after a marathon.  With the long hours at work all week, I hadn't had a chance to get a run in before the race.  I was on my feet all day most of the week, so I did work out all of the soreness and felt strong for the 10K.

The 10K course was 2 laps of the 5K course.  Ugh.  I hate those.
BUT, we did manage to lap the last group of walkers.  Woot! for us.

I got a little warm by the finish, but manageable.
Our finish time was 1:10:17
Yep, they recorded my husband and I with the exact same finish times.
And we were almost last.  Aargh!  One of my least favorite things about small town races.  We averaged 11:20 per mile, granted not my fastest but I thought it was respectable.  And STILL almost finished last.  There were only 2 finishers behind us.

A couple of observations now that I've done some races in my new(ish) small town.

1- Why do they never start a race on time?  If I go to warm up, I'm always cool by the time they start the race.
2- They give out more awards to the walkers than runners.  This is the opposite of what I've seen in my past in other towns.
3- All of the women look MUCH older than they are.  I finished right behind a woman that I guessed to be mid-50s, and she was MY AGE.  This has happened with multiple women at every race I've been to in Indiana.  I have since stopped drinking the tap water here.

Next race is the Indy Mini on Saturday.  We are certain not to be last place for such a huge race!
Saturday will be my husband's first half marathon.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

I am laughing at point 3. I'd avoid the water too.

Congrats on a great time and lapping the walkers!