Monday, May 5, 2014

Indianapolis Festival 500 Mini Marathon

What a good time!

I had registered for this race way back in October, shortly after registration opened.  Since I live in Indiana now, it was a given that I have to run this race.  The nation's largest Half Marathon, of course I have to run it.

We went to the Expo the night before, and I ran into an old colleague from my former workplace.  Small, small world.  We then ate at Fazoli's.  Yep, we're big spenders.  Actually, I was hungry and wanted to eat and go home, so we chose the fast food route.  Full of spaghetti and meatballs, and exhausted, my husband too excited to sleep.  Yes, it was his first half marathon.  It was enough to almost make me excited about race day again.  

Anyhow, we get up Saturday morning and make the trek to Indianapolis.  For such a huge race, there was ample parking very close.  And cheap!  Where else can you go to such a large event and pay a flat $5 for parking?  

G was assigned to Wave 3 and I was assigned to Wave 4 (due to an oops when I registered him).  We decided to try and get into Wave 3 and get started 15 minutes earlier.  That was no problem.  We started with the Wave 3 group, at 8:15am.  G was shocked by how crowded it was along the course (imagine if there wasn't a wave start! Oy!).  There was almost always entertainment along the course, bands and cheering and tons and tons of water/Gatorade stations.

Yes, we got to run around the speedway, but after a mile of this, I was ready to get out of there.  Still another mile left.  Ugh.  Boring.

When it was all said and done, I was pleased with how we ran (he stayed with me the whole time, even though he could run quite a bit faster than me if he would go).  I felt stronger and stronger throughout the entire race (plus, NO HILLS!).  Just check out those split times!

Finish Time
Finish Net2:35:31
Finish Gun3:07:45

LocationNet TimeClock TimeTime of DayPacePace Between
5K37:411:09:558:58:0712:06 /mi
11:59 /mi
BRICKYARD1:32:452:04:599:53:1012:02 /mi
11:56 /mi
11M2:12:112:44:2510:32:3612:00 /mi
11:03 /mi
Finish2:35:313:07:4510:55:5711:51 /mi

Our next Half Marathon is on May 24.  G plans to run it with his brother and see how fast he can go.  I'm just hoping to beat the time I posted on Saturday.  

Next race:  May 10, just a 5K.