Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Meeting the Plan

On Sunday, I started the P90X program. From my last post, my schedule for Sunday-Tuesday was going to be:

Sunday AM: Chest and Back
Sunday PM: Ab Ripper X

I completed these workouts back-to-back, since I put it off until late afternoon. The Chest and Back workout was about 50 minutes of pull-ups followed by push ups followed by pull-ups, and on and on. I used a chair to assist me for the pull ups and was on my knees for the push ups. This workout was tough, but I figured that gives me something to work toward.

The Ab Ripper X was different. I have tried so many ab workouts on dvd that you would be shocked. While some of them are tougher than others, I have NEVER before P90X come across one where I couldn't complete all of the reps. This 16 minutes was beyond tough. I love it! It gives me a goal to work toward.

Monday AM: Run (yeah, that didn't happen. I was sore and tired)
Monday PM: Plyometrics

The Plyometrics workout was an hour of jumping. Jumping lunges, jumping squats, bounding, etc etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this dvd although it was go go go from beginning to end.

Tuesday AM: Shoulders and Arms
Tuesday PM: Ab Ripper X

Are you kidding me? I couldn't even straighten my arms all the way when I first woke up, they are so sore, and now I have to do another arm workout?? Yeah, I didn't get up and do it this morning. I will do the workouts tonight, back to back.

For tomorrow, I need to get up and run in the morning, and I have Yoga X scheduled for the evening. I'm hoping and praying that the yoga is relaxing, since it's 90 minutes long! I have to run at least a couple of times this week, since I'm now planning a 5K race on Saturday morning.

Please, somebody tell me this will get easier? Oh, yeah, I know it will. I just can't believe that I've let myself get so far out of shape that a little weightlifting has made me this sore. Just wait, 90 days from now, I'm gonna have my body back.


Carly said...

I have heard great things about the P90x program. I am skeered of it though! One of my coworkers does it everyday and she said that it does get "doable".....she didn't say easier. ha!

maria k said...

that program sounds intense! good luck!

Melanie said...

so glad i'm waiting till after the marathon to start the program! LOL Hang in there!

raulgonemobile said...

Sounds pretty tough, but beneficial.. Gonna have to think about picking this up at some point.

I Run for Fun said...

Oh God...this sounds brutal. Just focus on the wonderfully ripped body you'll have. Can we have some before and after pics, please?

Diana said...

To go through this pain in the beginning will make things easier for sure, and the strength workouts will make your running better. All works great together! Running alone is just that...alone, we need to do other strength stuff to balance the entire picture! Best of luck with the program!

Denise said...

I think it's crazy how sore I get after lifting even after a brief hiatus. It's like I never lifted before. It might also be that you're doing a pretty intense program, too!!

X-Country2 said...

The program is a little too hard core for me. :o)