Friday, April 17, 2009

Boston Bound

OK, so we're not really leaving until tomorrow afternoon... but I have homework to finish, laundry to do, packing to do (yuck!), and I haven't eaten dinner yet. I don't imagine I'll be around tomorrow to post!

My two friends Barbie and Shanna will be running the marathon. We are hoping for cool weather, no rain or wind!

Alas, I am a slowpoke, but I'll be running the BAA 5k on Sunday morning, with the same finish line as the marathon! One day, I will run the Boston Marathon. It may have to wait until I'm 45 and the cutoff is 4 hours. If I lost the extra weight and did the speedwork, I could run a 4 hour marathon, but I can't see me running a 3:45!

I'll post all of the details when we get back on Wednesday.

My goal- nada. I'll probably run tomorrow morning for a bit and then just take it easy and enjoy the sights on the 5k.

Barbie's goal- another sub-4 hour marathon.

Shanna's goal- 3:15. Her track coach believes this is what she can achieve, so she is setting her sights high. She recently ran a 39 minute 10K, and she has been running crazy miles so there is no telling what this girl can do!


X-Country2 said...

Safe travels and enjoy the excitment!

AKA Alice said... goal is to run Boston when I'm 70 and the cutoff is 5 hours :-)

Have a great time. I walked across the finish line when I was in Boston a year ago. Take lots of pix!

Melanie said...

Good luck tomorrow!

ptanes said...

Great blog! Check out mine sometime, would love the feedback.

I Run for Fun said...

Good luck on the 5K! I'm shooting for 50. Miracles happen.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Have fun!