Thursday, February 19, 2009

Out with the Scale!!

I've been trying to keep as much whining about my weight out of my blog as possible, but this is the last straw. Let's recap, shall we?

I'll start from when I began this journey of becoming a runner.

1999-2002: Best shape of my life, running is a breeze.
Nov 2002: Laid off from my job, promptly gained 20 lbs, running is keeping me sane.
Aug 2003: Started my current job, lost 10 lbs- running is fun again.
Oct 2006: Decided to buckle down and lose the last 10, back in the best shape of my life.
2008: Gained 40 lbs. Ugh! 15 of them were in December.

OK, this seems like a minor setback, right? Right?


I have been busting my hump since New Year's and still haven't lost the 15 lbs that I gained in December! Ugh!

After my 18 mile run on Saturday, I got on the scale the next day, hopeful. I had eaten healthy all day Saturday, and burned over 2500 calories.

I was up 4 lbs.

This fact caused me to spiral out of control all week. It just put me into a funk that I have not been able to shake. I say out of control, but it's more my mood. My eating has been different, but not completely out of control. This morning, back on the scale again.

No Change. Still up 4 lbs.

I think that the best thing I can do at this point is just stay away from that thing. I'm considering just throwing my current scale out and weighing myself later on down the road when my clothes start fitting me again. Back in the days when I was in my best shape, I wasn't obsessing about every morsel of food the way I have been this past 2 months.

OK, OK... /whining over. I'm going to start focusing on the positive again.

On tap for this weekend, my first 20 miler of the year.
I'll be glad to get that run under my belt, and get the monkey off my back.


Xenia said...

I hear you! I've gained 12 pounds since July which makes it a total of 45 pounds I need to shed. Such a pain. It was so effortless last spring and now it's like pulling teeth. Good luck!

I Run for Fun said...

I feel your pain! Weighing scales are crazy. When I think I've lost weight, it shows an increase and vice versa.

You are doing the right things, getting all the exercise you need and more...and that's what is important. Just lose the scales for a bit...maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised when you come back to it.

Kelly said...

Stay off the scale for a while! It will catch up eventually.

Viv said...

Can I get an amen from the fatty in TX.
"amen, sistah!!"

i feel you and after those LONG weekend workouts it hold on to the fluid. I ignore it till Tues after my long workout. i even changed my weigh in day to avaoid my usual monday blow up. You are doing the right thing and it is natural to have the downward spiral. I hear ya we are in the same boat. We just can't let the effer sink :-)

AKA Alice said...

I think Viv's right. I never see any weight loss until a couple of days after a long run (if I see it at all...I gained weight training for the marathon GAH!)

Hate. The. Scale.

X-Country2 said...

Oh, stay far far away from that scale! You ran 18 miles, girl! Don't let some number take away from that accomplishment.

RunToFinish said...

I've noticed that after long runs I sometimes go up in weight probably due to water in my muscles. I say...just keep focusing on the foods and the workouts, you know it will come off and damn with the numbers! Said as I go walk to my scale ;)

Yasmin said...


I ramped up my training for 1/2 marathon and tri season. I get the loss and gain of the same frakking 2 lbs.

I'm *this* close to cutting off a limb, but I need them all for something (arms for the swim, legs for the bike/run).