Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tito is here!!

I managed to drag out of bed this morning at 5am and get in a quick 4.5 mile run.
Even more exciting than that... Tito is back!

One of my very good friends has had this dog for several years. Somewhere between 2001-2003, she lived in an apartment for a year that did not allow dogs. During that year, Tito lived with me. He is the absolute best dog ever, and I hated giving him back. But, I knew from the beginning that he was her dog, and I was also happy for him to see him go back home.

This year, my friend got married to a guy who has 2 large dogs and 2 cats. Tito and the other animals were not getting along, so she decided to do what was best for the dog, even though I'm sure it must be killing her.

I can barely contain myself, I'm so thrilled to have him back!


Al's CL Reviews said...

He's a cutie!

AKA Alice said...

Tito looks thrilled too! (Al's laughing at me cuz she knows I'm not the biggest dog fan...but seriously, Tito is adorable...I have no problem with dog photos.... :-))

Carly said...

Congrats on the new furbaby! He is adorable!

Viv said...

Great job on getting a run in this morning, u runner u..that is my Tammy!

Aww Tito is a cutie! Welcome back, Tito!

Steve Stenzel said...

Welcome back Tito!!!