Friday, October 3, 2008


I am so thankful that today is Friday.

I'm still struggling with getting up to run in the mornings. Yesterday, I slept too late, AGAIN, so I had to run my planned 7 miles last night after work and after walking the dog...

Distance: 7.0 miles
Pace: 10:34 min/mile
Average HR: 163 bpm

It's pretty clear, based on my elevated heart rate, that running in the evenings is tougher for me than morning runs. Now, if I could just get my night owl tendencies under control...

On top of everything else, now I'm stressed about my dog. I took him on Tuesday to get neutered, FINALLY (he's 4 years old). For whatever reason, he has started to get aggressive. I think it's excitement more than aggression, but it ended with him biting one of my son's friends in the driveway last night while they were playing basketball. Luckily, it's not a litigious family and it was more of a nip than a bite. Cocker Spaniel vs 15 year old neighbor boy - not a matchup I want to see again. My remedy to this- more walks and longer walks with the dog. Good for me, good for him.

On tap for the weekend-
Saturday: 5K race, followed by a trip to a winery (of course)
Sunday: 11 mile run with Angie.


AKA Alice said...

Love the winery races...I need to find a few more of those here. You'd think in California, I'd find a few...

When you figure out how to control those night-owl tendencies, let me know.

Viv said...

super great run! elevated HR girl that is my resting HR lately..LOL!