Monday, October 6, 2008

Band on the Run 5K, 2008

Saturday morning, I ran a 5K to benefit a local High School marching band- the band that I was a part of, back in my Band Rat days...

This was the race's second year. Last year, it was H-O-T at the start of the race, and sunny. This year was much nicer, probably around 50 degrees. I felt strong throughout the race, the course is nice and flat, just around some neighborhoods near the new high school. I felt strong and passed several people in the last mile. The last half mile, there was a girl who I thought I could pass, but every time I got close she sped up too. I wound up finishing 10 seconds behind her, in 27:47.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Pace: 8:57 / mile
Avg HR: 168 bpm

Of course, she was in my age group. And, of course, she was 3rd place in our age group (10 year splits). Aargh!
I finished 4th out of 7 in our age group, and 30th out of 50 overall. *Sigh!*
Last year's time would have put me at 23, in the top half.

Ah, well, I was still happy with my time. I was almost exactly 1 minute slower than last year, BUT I'm also 20 lbs heavier this year. To me, that means I will be much faster after I drop this weight if I keep up with my training.

After the race, of course we visited a local winery. This week was my turn to get crazy out of control. I absolutely did NOT want to go home... I wanted to party all night. Apparently, I started randomly calling a couple of my friends to meet up (and drive Angie and I around). I did find a taker, but she just took us out to eat to sober us up. Thanks, Connie! :-)

We skipped our planned 11 mile run on Sunday. But, Angie did learn something about me. She called Sunday morning, and I told her I didn't feel like running. Neither one of us wound up running at all that day.

Later, I told her that I probably would have gone for the run if she had tried to talk me into it. Yes, I told her that for my own good. Next time, she won't let me off quite so easy. It may not have been pretty, but we should have ran those 11 miles anyhow.


AKA Alice said...

So I get to be the first to tease you about ... That one time... At band camp... :-))

Awesome race! Sorry about the age
Splits. You're right that stinks.

Tammy said...


Yes, and I was even a floutist....


Al's CL Reviews said...


Congrats on the run...sorry about the wench not letting you pass!

Vickie said...

If you are running that fast, you are DEFINITELY a runner!

Carly said...

Wow, great time! The winery sounds like a fun way to end the day. LMAO at you drunk dialing your friends.

Kelly said...

Great time Tammy! Winery, yum!

Viv said...

AHH what a bummer. Makes you want to pick up a rock and chunk it at her. Did I just say that I thought I only said it in my head. Your 5K's are getting back to the ol' Tammy paces , u runner u!

RooBabs said...

You drunk dialed? Hahaha!!

BTW, I played the flute, too.

Sorry, somehow I missed this post last week (I'm a little "short-bus" lately). What a great finish time, even if that hoochie barely beat you. It seems like the 30-39 age group is the toughest (even moreso than the 20-29 usually, well, in my limited experience so far).