Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trinity Run - LAME

Last year, I ran this 5K because it's local and it benefits a youth sports program.
The race route is very nice, but everything else about the race was lame, lame, lame... obviously put on by non-runners.

I went ahead and registered this year to give them one more chance (this would be the 3rd). Last night, I was talking to Barbie and she had talked to the race director of this weekend's race (which I pre-registered for). The race director said that she was going to be busy on Saturday and might not even go (meaning there would be no race and no explanation)!! She said that less than 10 people were pre-registered anyway. HELLO!!??

You MIGHT want to tell us unfortunate pre-registered souls that BEFORE race day, so we aren't standing around at 8am waiting for the race to start, only to find out that we wasted the coolest part of the day trying to support a local race! UGH!

Now, I'm torn between trying to go there and run the stupid thing, and staying home and getting a longer run in. I hate running 5K's on my long run day anyhow!


Viv said...

OMG how rude! That is unreal. Getcha your long run in better. The nerve, she better give you the $ back.

Amy said...

What?! That's just bizarre. Get the long run in!