Monday, June 16, 2008

Crossroads Dash 15K

This weekend's race was good and bad. I can't help but compare all of my races with previous experience. Last year's Crossroads Dash was a different picture than this year's. This 15K course is very hilly, and it doesn't start until 8am, which makes for a very hot race. I remembered that from last year as well.

Last year, I was no more consistent in my training than I have been this year. The difference last year is that I weighed about 25 lbs less than I did on Saturday. My time was almost 10 minutes slower! Proof positive (for me) that this extra weight is slowing me down! Grrrr!

On to the race report and off of the subject of weight (which is my obsession these days).

I picked Angie up on the way and we met at Barbie's house. We went from there to the race. There was also a 5K, which is the race Angie ran. It was only her 2nd 5K, and she managed a 31:30, awesome! Barbie did great as well, I think she ran a 1:14 for the 15K and won the master's division.

Even though I ran slower than I normally would, I was very pleased with my performance. I have been running my long runs extremely slowly lately and letting the heat get the best of me. For this run, I made myself run and not stop and walk every little hill. And, don't underestimate those hills. The hills in this race SUCK! And, there are far far too many of them. I did stop and walk at the water stations- I have a hard time drinking on the run, and needed the water! My time wound up being 1:36 (10:19 pace). Good enough for 2nd in my age division (gotta love these small-town races). Oh, and YES there were more than 2 runners my age!

After the race, we hung around until the Mexican joint opened and had our normal post-race Mexican food. Then, back to Barbie's house for some post-race wine. Yup, the run was worth it!


Kelly said...

Good job Tammy! I think your time is great.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Great job Tammy!
Awesome on getting 2nd in your age group. It made me laugh that you said there were more than 2 running.

Amy said...

WTG Tammy! Congrats on placing!!

Diario de Elysia said...

Nice time Tammy!

Carly said...

WTG Tammy, you did awesome!!!! congrats on placing too!

Delane said...

Great job...I'd kill for 10 and change pace in any race!

Kelly said...

"YES there were more than 2 runners my age!"

That ^^^^ made me lol.

Congrats on the race! You did a bazillion times better than I woulda done!

Viv said...

Great time Tammy and then even better time chilling with friends!Placing 2nd big congrats!