Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday Long Run

After being a slug last weekend and not getting in a long run, I was determined to get in my long run this weekend. I was planning a 13 mile run.

Saturday, no run. I slept in, and decided to piddle around the house instead of running. It was Alex's birthday, so I wanted to clean the house so it would be presentable for her party. (good excuse, huh?)

Sunday morning, I got up just before 7am and started getting ready to go out and run. I couldn't find a good water bottle that would hold enough, so I went down to the gas station to buy one of the 24 oz bottles. Gas station was closed. So, I came home, grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and drove out and put it out about 6 miles. Back home, and now trying to talk myself out of this run. I just didn't feel up to it, and all of the fucking around with the water just made it worse.

I knew that Sunday is the day that I eat all day long, especially during football season. Add that to the leftover Dairy Queen cake that was still in the freezer calling my name, and I absolutely had to get out there. Finally got out the door at about 8am.

The weather was gorgeous. I took one power gel with me and planned to take it around 6 or 7 miles to give me the extra boost to finish. At about mile 2, I started feeling weak and dizzy. I actually toyed with the idea of going back home. So, I ate the gel then and kept going. Another mile in, I started feeling pretty good. This lasted until about mile 10 when I started getting tired. I should have brought 2 gels, since I didn't eat breakfast.

The run actually turned out to be 13.4 miles. My average pace was 11 min/mile, on the nose. Taking into account that I walked most of the 3rd mile and kept my heart rate pretty low throughout the entire run, I was happy with that.

When I got home, we had to start chopping veggies for the cabbage soup we were making, so I didn't have time for the long, leisurely bath that I really wanted. Took a quick shower and got to work on the soup. Maybe I'll get that bath in tonight...

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Viv said...

Tammy, glad you toughed it out. I was with you on the water.
I was like screw it, go home Tammy..LOL! It is funny how all our excuses seem so damn good. For me football seson is eating season.