Monday, September 17, 2007

20 Mile Week

Finally, I got in a 20 mile week. It wasn't long ago that falling short of 20 miles in a week was inconceivable. Lately, that's been the norm.

Yesterday's 9 mile run was fantastic. I took off around 9:30am.
The weather was cool and overcast.
It was one of those days, all of the stars were in perfect alignment... I felt great throughout the entire run. My Garmin's battery died at mile 5.5, but I checked the time, and checked it again when I got home. Throughout the run, I averaged a 10:18 mile. Not bad, considering how sporadic my running has been the past couple of weeks.
The dogs even left me alone yesterday! It was amazing!

So, I was thinking after my run... Tunnel Hill is just under 7 weeks away, now. I'm thinking of setting a time goal for myself for that race. I need something to focus on! Right now, I'm thinking of 1:25. That would be a 8:30 pace. It wouldn't be a PR, but it would be a PR for my 30's!
I'll give it a couple of weeks and set my "real" goal after the Centralia 5k.


Viv said...

Great job on the 20 mile week! Does that Garmin thing die frequently? I was thinking of grabing one up for my birthday. Like, I need a gadget to tell me officially I am slow..LOL! Keep it up Tammy.

Tammy said...

Nah, I only charge it once every week or so... I realized after I got home on Saturday that I hadn't charged it for over 2 weeks.

I love it! I never have to guess at how far I ran, or what my pace was.

Viv said...

thnxs tammy..i hope to be sporting one soon.

Delane said...

WTG..I admire anyone who can clock more than 10 in a week!