Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Thoughts

Last night during my run, I was full of them.

Some were running related. When I started running at 6pm, I was miserable. THIS is why I'm a morning runner... get it out of the way before my body wakes up and realizes what's going on. Plus, the sun was out at 6pm and it was pretty warm.

I planned a 4.5 - 5 mile run, but then decided to just go for the 7 mile loop. There were so many people out and about- the weather was perfect for yard work or just plain sitting around outside. I will NOT take a walk break if someone can see me, so no walk breaks for me. Ugh.

I wore a new running skirt that I got over the weekend. I bought a large- I needed a medium. The shorts underneath kept riding up, and I wound up with chub rub- something my trusty running shorts never allows.

Then, I ran past the house that has had the "Free Kittens" sign out for a few weeks. There were 4 kittens playing in the front yard. They were SO cute. I wanted to scoop them up and take them home with me. Oh yeah, we already have 3 cats. I can so see myself becoming the crazy cat lady with a dozen cats in the house!
I love dogs, too- but cats don't have to be potty trained!

My thoughts during the last mile drifted to my running, or lack thereof, lately. Specifically, to Tunnel Hill. It's only a month and a half away. I know that the girl that was 5 seconds behind me on Labor Day will be there. I know that she will be hoping to beat me. I can NOT let that happen! So, I have GOT to get my lazy ass in gear with my training!

On tap for the weekend- a 9 or 10 mile run.


DoriAnn said...

Good motivation to kick some boo-tay at Tunnel Hill. And I'm the same way with cats. I have to ogle at and touch every one.

Karen said...

You're going to kick her rear at that race!

I love those runs when you get to think about all the things you never take time to otherwise.

Yasmin said...

I have to stay away from kittens and puppies. I would take them all home. It's almost to the point where I can't go into Petco when they have the cats there from a shelter.

Glad you took the extra time.

Viv said...

LOL @ getting it done before your body realizes what is going on.
I am so glad your back out there Tammy. I know that chic does not
have a chance in beating you, runner you!