Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kinmundy 5K- Labor Day

The last thing I wanted to do yesterday morning was go out and race a 5K. I have been such a slacker lately, for the past several weeks...

But, it was Barbie's race, and the 10th anniversary of the race, so I couldn't miss it! SO, so, so glad that I went!

OK, so the running part wasn't a lot of fun... but, I'm stronger for having done it.

Before the race, a manager from work and his wife (who is in my age group) were joking about how their goal would be to try and keep up with me. The last time I saw them at a race, I finished a good 5-7 minutes ahead of them!

They were right at my back, up until the water stop, where I walked a couple of steps and they passed me up!

UGH! So, I got past Stacey just after the 2 mile mark, but I only beat her by 5 seconds!! My official finish time was 27:03, and you can see her right behind me!

Ah, but it was worth it, as I won 1st place in our age group!

Thanks for sending me the pictures so quick, Barbie!!

While at the race yesterday, I picked up another form for the half marathon I was planning in 2 weeks... the form I already have says September 15. The new form says September 16- for the same race... Maybe I won't do that one... Undecided, now.


Viv said...

Tammy, I still think ur one hell of a runner! That's a great finish, one that I can inspire to.

DoriAnn said...

Awesome race, Tammy! Love your medal!

Noelle said...

WTG Tammy! Your trophy case must be getting a little cluttered with all the wins lately--congrats!

Teresa said...

Congrats on winning your age group! And you look fantastic! :)

Karen said...

Tammy that is awesome - you won!

Delane said...

Tammy wTC..FYI, the girl on your left looks like a girl I went to College with..hmmmm Is her name Jennifer (Jen) perchance?