Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Swimming in my pool

Well, right now I'm just swimming in my pool of sweat...
One of the houses we are pretty serious about has a really nice pool and deck. I'm wondering how quickly we could make an offer, close on the house, and get moved in... hmmmm... a pool this summer is probably out of the picture. Damn!

Why must Tracy wake up at 4:30am every morning and foil my plans of putting off my run!? If he hadn't been whining about not being able to sleep this morning, I probably would have skipped running all together.

But, I made it. I'm thinking at the pace I'm going, my 5K on Saturday is going to suck royally. I ran my last 5K at a pace of 8:36/mile. This morning's run was 10:25/mile. I try to blame the heat, but I think the vast majority of it is pure laziness on my part. UGH!

My dog friend was waiting for me again this morning. He still won't let me pet him, but he will run up to me and let me give him a treat now. I'm growing on him, I just know it!


txrunnergirl said...

I just found your blog through Viv's. I'm also doing WW and have been for a long time, but I just joined the boards there. I had to laugh at your pace, because 10:25/mile would be a fast pace for me. :-) Good luck on your 5K!

Noelle said...

You are going to kick some ass tomorrow, Tammy!!

8:36?? Dayum, girl! In my dreams!

Viv said...

Tammy, good luck with your race this weekend. Looking forward to the report, because I have confidence you will top ur "slow" my dream 10:25 pace. Rock it!