Monday, August 13, 2007

Santa Dash, in August

This weekend was yet another productive one! Lately, that has been unusual for me.

So, let's just step through it, shall we?
Saturday morning, Tracy drove me to my race in Salem so he could take my car to get the oil changed while I was running. It was hot, and I knew the run would be tough. It was odd running a Santa Dash in the stifling heat! But, I actually warmed up for a bit before the race (unusual for me). The race started at 8am, up the street and directly onto my old nemesis- the hill on Boone Street. Ugh!
That didn't slow me down too bad. I ran my first mile in 8:40. From there, I slowed but not too bad. I wound up with a finish time of 27:37, which was a 8:54 mile pace. I was happy to be under 9 min miles, especially with the heat the way it was, and there was NO WATER on the course. Of course, they told us there would be no water just before the race started- we were already lined up. If I had known, I would have carried a bottle.

The rest of Saturday was spent driving around, looking at houses that are on the market, not on the market, looking at landscaping, and going to the Sherwin Williams store to pick out paint to go over that god awful tile in the master bathroom!

Sunday morning, I woke up at 6am and felt great. So, I got up and went out for a 9 mile run. Can I just say that I hate running in the heat? I despise running in the heat! It wasn't too bad when I started out at about 6:45am, but it warmed up quick. I think I walked more than I ran for the last couple of miles. Quite a difference from the day before, I wound up with an 11:04 min/mile pace... ah, well, I got the miles under my belt anyhow!

I spent Sunday afternoon working on the bedrooms, organizing and sorting through crap, and getting stuff ready for this stupid garage sale. UGH! Half of the front room is full of crap that needs to get ready for this sale. And, I still need to go through the Kitchen and get rid of all of the 'wonderful' kitchen gadgets that I have never used. I. AM. NOT. MOVING. ALL. OF. THIS. CRAP. INTO. ANOTHER. HOUSE.


Viv said...

Tammy, WOW! Super productive weekend. Miles, house hunting, preparing for a garage sale and, oh yea placing 1st in ur age group. WOO HOOO!! Cheers! Toasting my beer at the computer screen at you.

Noelle said...

No water in that heat??? I was impressed with your finish before, now it's doubled! :) Good luck w/the house.