Thursday, December 11, 2014

Planning for 2015

2014 has been a huge year for me.


1- Got married.

2- Trained for 4 marathons, ran 2 (so far, running #3 on Saturday)

3- Injury - Plantar Fasciitis  - thus only 3 marathons rather than 4 completed.

4- Accepted a new job

5- Moved from Indiana (where I only lived for 1 year) to Nashville, TN

6- Married for 3 months when I started working in another town.  Only saw each other on weekends for 2.5 months before he got moved.  Stressful


8- Moved my daughter into her own place (IU).

9- Bought House #6.  Owned 2 houses for a month (more stress).

I'm exhausted.
Once I get through the next couple of weeks:

Rocket City Marathon 12/13

Concert with my sister and BIL 12/14 (this is important because I will already be exhausted from "celebrating" the marathon:)

Las Vegas (DD turned 21 in September, taking her to Vegas)  12/20-12/24

Christmas with the parents  12/24-12/27

One of DH's kids for the Holiday break:  12/27-12/30

New Year's celebration (I'm hoping my daughter will stay with us through her school break)

THEN, I will be ready for a serious break.



I will run Half Marathons, though.

Lose this weight gain that I managed to maintain all through 2014.

Stop going out to eat so much.  When I do the math on how much we spend per month on groceries and going out to eat, it's massive.  Could be related to the weight maintenance.  :/

More overall fitness.  I'm starting with PiYo, which I managed to be suckered into buying a couple of weeks ago.  I'll do that on non-running days starting the first week of January.

Perhaps I'll sign up for a Fall marathon, depending on how it's going when Summer gets here.

I'll make these more specific before the New Year rolls over, just putting it out there for now.  I need a year of low stress.


Al's CL Reviews said...

Congrats on all the accomplishments of 2014. Your last few weeks of December sound exhausting, though!

Diana said...

Wow...congratulations on everything! Sounds like 2014 treated you fairly well!