Wednesday, December 17, 2014


On Friday, we headed down to Huntsville to run the Rocket City Marathon.

I got out of work later than planned, so we didn't wind up leaving the house until after 4pm.  Straight to the Expo around 6:30pm (all the vendors were packing it up).  G did wind up finding a pair of shoes for $45, and I got a couple of $10 tops.  Not too shabby.

After we left, straight to the hotel to check in before eating.  I was exhausted and every place was PACKED, so we decided to try and find a place to eat away from the hotel.  Yeah, we wound up at the Olive Garden. Not just any Olive Garden, this place was gross.  When my food came, it was unrecognizable and had clearly been microwaved (dried food stuck to the plate.  At this point, it was around 9pm and I was starving, so I ate it anyway and we went back to the hotel.

Start time for the race was 7am, so we quickly went to bed.

Wake up time 5am.  Embassy Suites was awesome and started their breakfast service at 5am for the marathoners, so G went down and grabbed breakfast for us from there.  My stomach was still NOT happy (shock) from dinner.  Add to that the fact that I had eggs with breakfast, and I never eat eggs (should have eaten my go-to bagel with peanut butter and banana which I brought with me).

G was having a lot of pain in his back, he did something to it on Friday and was hoping it would feel better.  So, whining the entire time, we got dressed and ready to go.  Our hotel was less than 2 minutes walk to the starting line.  At 6:45am, I decided I had better settle on what I was wearing and pin on my number.  Apparently, we wasted too much time because we started to head down to the start at 6:59am.  As we were walking to the start line, we heard them start the race.  Running for the starting line after the rest of the runners have started?  Not my idea of a pleasant way to start a race.  Add to that the fact that I was wearing short sleeves and it was a breezy 30ish.  UGH.
So, G takes off his shirt and gives it to me.  He then picks up a discarded shirt from the side of the road to wear.  That guy.

As we're running the first 5 miles, I'm OK but not feeling great.  Stomach is iffy.  G is hurting with every step.  We are both burned out from training too much this year.  So, when he suggests that we bag it, I was quick to hop on board.  We stopped at mile 5.7.  I don't regret it one single bit.

Changed the plan for the rest of the day and had late lunch at 2pm.  Then, we proceeded to drink all the day and night long.  This was the last place.  Feeling no pain.


The next day, we had tickets to the Ryman with my sister and her husband. Good time, and I really enjoy that venue.  I will post no pictures of that night because I look like I drank the entire day before.  LOL

Monday, we decided not to get up early to work out since we were out late on Sunday.

This morning (Tuesday).  Nope.  4am alarm was ignored and we both wound up oversleeping for work.  This is not a big change for me, but G is never late for work.

My intent is to bag the idea for tomorrow.  G is off work Friday, and our flight to Vegas is 6am Saturday morning.  Yeah, I'm throwing in the towel for this week, except for a run with the run club tonight if we both get home early enough.

The week after Christmas, I'm working and G is off (planning to have his daughter for the week).  Maybe that will be the rehearsal for early morning wake-ups.  We won't have to be up as early since I leave for work 1.5 hours after he does.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

You know better than anyone, that some days, runs just suck. Probably better for G that he saved his back. And hopefully your stomach issues subsided. I am guessing so if you drank the rest of the day. :)

Glad you had fun.