Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crossroads Dash 15K Race Report

One thing about me that you may or may not have figured out is that I tend to be all-or-nothing.

It's only fitting then, that after 3+ weeks of no running, I would run a 15K race my first week back.

I was undecided up until about 10pm Friday night whether or not to run the race at all. A couple of my friends decided to go on Friday night, so I agreed to go along. There is a 5K as well as a 15K, so I figured I'd just run the 5K. On the way there, I decided to go for it and run the 15K. I know that this is a hilly race, having run it several times, but I convinced myself that it couldn't be THAT bad, and certainly there would be somebody there slower than me.

Ummm, it IS that bad, and all of the slower people ran the 5K.

Yes, I accomplished two firsts at this race. It was my slowest ever 15K, over 16 minutes slower than my time at this race last year. AND, I managed to finish dead last. In my defense, I would guess that there were less than 20 people who went for the 15K distance, and only 6 women. Yup, I finished dead last, but won first place in my age group.

Here are the stats from Garmin:

Distance: 9.41 miles
Time: 1:49:12
Pace: 11:36/mile
Average HR: 170 bpm


Carly said...

You run like I do....take a break then run a long distance race. I love that you managed to take home an award finishing last.

Great job!

maria k said...

congrats on the 15k! i think you get points for running the tough race over the short one, even if you didn't run the fastest!

and, im jealous your friends are all runners! how fun.

Al's CL Reviews said...


Diana said...

Hey you finished! And after not running for 3 weeks....kudos for just going up to the start line!
I've been off my feet for 6 weeks now and did one mile the other day!
Way to medal on being last-that's's good to be "elderly" isn't it?! LOL!

AKA Alice said...

I cheer your last place finish! Woot! You coulda done that 5K pffffft. Piece of cake. I love that you just went for it.

raulgonemobile said...

It's better to finish last than not have started. Way to go.. you get major props for going for it, anyway!

X-Country2 said...

Yeah but you did it, and how many people finished the 5K and thought "next year I'm graduating to the BIG race!" Congrats!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

congrats on finishing, regardless of how many were in front, you did it! Well done! :D

chris mcpeake said...

You won your age group and finished. Cant ask for anything more then that