Sunday, April 20, 2008

River to River weekend

Yesterday was the River to River Relay. I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't on a team this year, but I wouldn't have been a great addition to anybody's team anyhow! Now that I am actually going to bed and SLEEPING at night (2 nights in a row now), I'm going to have to get back at it.

Saturday, I slept in. It was wonderful! A friend called me Saturday afternoon and asked if I wanted to run 10 miles today on the Tunnel Hill trail. No, not really. Do I NEED to run 10 miles? Yes, of course. I haven't really ran since St Louis!

So, we met up this morning and went out for 10 miles on the trail.

The miles went by very quickly, because of the great company. It was nice to get up off my lazy ass and run for a change. Now, I need to start motivating myself. I have GOT to start getting my life back, now that I'm able to sleep again.

Two more weeks until the Flying Pig, then I'm setting my sight on a Fall Marathon... Chicago or Columbus.


Carly said...

Sleep, isn't it wonderful??? I am so glad you are getting some rest.

Good luck at the Pig in two weeks. That was a fun race.

Another great marathon is Twin Cities (hint hint!)

DoriAnn said...

Nice that you're finally getting some sleep in, Tammy. Most peeps can't say that a 10-miler went by quickly. Nice on that.

I'm sure they'll be amply supplied with water in Chicago this year so no worries about the weather. You should do it!

Oh, yeah, after the Twin Cities, you join me in Miami.

Jen said...

SO glad to hear you are sleeping again! Insomnia is the worst, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Hmmm Carly... the twin cities marathon. We should all commit to doing the half sometime. BTW, Fargo is fun too. (hint hint!)

Viv said...

Awww so glad your sleeping!! Sweet on the 10 miler with good company. I am happy you did it. Looking forward to your doing Cinci.