Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Still Got It?

So, here I am, another sleepless night.
I really hope it's not true that this insomnia gets worse as you get older because I'm already living on almost no sleep! I'm afraid to take a sleep aid, because I don't want to have that drugged, groggy feeling when I get up in the morning. Doesn't make for a pleasant run, for sure...

Anyhow, the kids and I had a big day out on the town today. We went to the grocery store AND to Blockbuster. Woo!
So, here's the scoop... I think I got hit on in the checkout line at the grocery store, and I froze up.

I was wearing an Illinois sweatshirt... Sexay, let me tell you!
The guy comments on how that is a good school, and asked me if I went there. Um, no, I went to SIU-E. He comments on THAT school and shares that he "only" went to a local community college. And, I say NOTHING!
So, pray tell, how do you get a real date these days without going to a bar?


Viv said...

LOL, Tammy I have no idea on the dating world these days. Man, that really stinks on your sleepless nights. I take an Ambien every once in a blue moon when I can't sleep. I f I get it in 8 hours prior to wake up time I feel fine the next morning.

Maria said...

Tammy! I know this comment won't have anything to do with the post but I didn't want you to think I forgot about your question or blew you off...I sent you an e-mail but it got bounced back.

In regards to Cleveland for your friend: very flat, fast course-could be a great Boston qualifier. Not a huge race, not a ton of "fan" support but still a decent well organized event. I know Viv's already coming here but I wanted to extend the same offer to you and your friend-I'm pretty sure a bunch of us will be going out Friday night and then Saturday night before the race I'm hosting a big pasta party that you guys would be welcome to come to. Drop me a note at

Sorry I haven't been around much on WW but I'm thinking about you all ☺

Delane said...

Chanting GO ILLINI!!!!

Tis my alma mater.

WTG on comitting to races. I think paying is the key and not getting sick/derailed.