Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A look back

So, we're about 6 weeks into 2008, and I was just looking back at my "Goals" for the year... Pitiful!

Let's review, shall we?

Goals for 2008:

1- Run at least 1,000 miles. This is roughly 20 miles/week.
I SUCK!! I'm averaging about 10 miles/week! And, I just ran a Half Marathon!! That gives you an idea of how often I'm running. And, yet again, here I am sabotaging myself- it's almost 10:30pm, and I'm not even thinking about sleep.

2- Lose these 25 lbs and KEEP THEM OFF.
I SUCK again!! So far, I've lost.... let's see... ZERO pounds..

3- Lift weights at least twice/week.
I'm beginning to sound like a broken record! So far, very little lifting. My BFF and I were talking about meeting up a couple of times a week during lunchtime and working out. I think I MUST do this, with or without you Ang. That seems to be the only way I'm going to actually do it.

4- Don't get involved with some losery guy.
Ahhhh, one I'm doing right!
Of course, I haven't had a single date in 08, either.

5- Keep my house clean and clutter free.
I must say, it's getting better. Still not clutter free, of course, but much better than it was at the end of 07 for sure!

So, what was the moral of this little trip down memory lane? Hmmm... putting it in writing does NOT make me feel more accountable, apparently. I must find some motivation within myself to become the "Me" that I know I can be. The "Me" that I was up until last Summer when the most recent 'losery guy' told me that he didn't like me to be so thin.

Snap out of it, Tammy!
Hopefully this works. Let's test it out. Going to bed now, so I can get up in the morning and go for a run.


Viv said...

Tammy, it is Feb so you got 2 going on schedule. The rest will come. I really don't know who has time to ST. I can't seem to fit in, unless I do it while I am sleeping.We need to get on the ST togther. *pinky swear*

Viv said...

Tammy, this is who we need at the house in the morning.

Tammy said...

OMG! You're right Viv! That's exactly what I need in the mornings!!

Carly said...

Tammy you are doing great! It is only February, you have plenty of time to achieve your goals.

Carly said...

Tammy you are doing great! It is only February, you have plenty of time to achieve your goals.