Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

The past 2 days, I've had the best intentions of getting up for an early morning run, but there have been thunderstorms between 5-6am both days. Ugh!

The rest of the day: sunny, with no clouds in sight.

Run in the evening? Ha!
Once I get off work, I go straight into couch potato mode. Running later in the evening does not appeal to me at all. Maybe if I had a training partner, but certainly not alone.

It seems I have a choice to make for Saturday. I usually run the Crossroads Dash 15K every year. Last year, I finished dead last at this race with a pace of 11:36/mile. I don't foresee running the race any faster this year than last year. There is also a 5k distance that I could run, but I wouldn't get my planned distance that way. Time for a good old pro-con list for my 3 available options.

Option 1: Run 15K race:

Get 9 mile distance for the day.
Run faster than I would at home
Likely to win an age group award, since most people run the shorter race
Spend time with friends

Likely to be last finisher, which I HATE
Pay $20 to finish last

Option 2: Run 5K race:

Run faster than I would at home, speedwork
Spend time with friends

Don't get very many miles for the week.
Pay $20 to run a shorter distance and probably not win anything

Option 3: Run 9-10 miles at home:

Get 9 mile distance for the day.
No embarassment of finishing last.
No need to wait until 8am to start running.

Will run slower
Won't get to see my friends at the race, although we could always get together later

I'm leaning toward Option #3, even though I may have led some of my friends to believe I was going to run the 5K. I really can't get myself motivated to think that it's a good idea to go to this race this year, especially when I start thinking about the killer hills near the end.

No. Thank. You.


Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm running at home. Earlier so it will be "cooler."

Delane said...

I'd offer to come down by you and come in dead last but I think I might die running 9 miles at this point

Diana said...

I don't understand why everyone gets all worked up over where they end up finishing in a race or how fast/slow they ran it.
I'm just so damn tickled that I can run at all that it's all I WANT to do! I don't care where I end up or how fast I got there. The best part is that I actually GOT there! And I get a free (sort of) Tshirt out of it!
I'm rooting for option #1

Best of luck with your decision!

Rebecca said...

I saw your blog on the Tall Mom 1,000 spreadsheet. I was at the Flying Pig Marathon, what a rainy start, eh?