Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is it Still Winter?

So, my very last post was about running in the perfect, spring-like weather.

This weekend, I had a 13 mile run on tap. I planned to do it first thing Saturday morning. I knew that it was going to get colder over the weekend, but it was pouring rain ALL DAY Saturday. I skipped my run.

Sunday around midnight, the rain was supposed to turn to snow briefly and end by 7am Sunday morning. After that, it was supposed to warm up and get in the 50's again. I decided to run Sunday after the cold was over. What really happened: It snowed until around 8am. Then, it continued to be extremely windy and cold all day Sunday.

I almost decided to forgo the run again, but somehow I talked myself into getting out the door. I ran at 11:30am, and it was 34 degrees and windy. Ugh!
My first 6.5 - 7 miles were into the wind. Absolute torture. At about mile 1, I picked up this chic:

Just call me dog lady. She followed me until around mile 5 when she was chased off by a couple of Irish Setters. Yes, I run way way out in the country, where people tend to let their dogs roam free. At around mile 6, I run past my parents' house and my mom came out on the porch and waved at me! :-)

I was then able to check out their new gazebo from afar as I ran past. Oh, how I wish I could have just ran up their driveway and checked it out and hitched a ride home. But, there was no turning back, I had to run these miles... only 2 weeks until the Illinois Marathon.

I did finish my miles. The second half of the run was uneventful. I got warm when the wind was at my back and had to take off my gloves. The stats:

Total Miles: 13.3
Total Time: 2:34
Average HR: 154

Illinois Marathon, here I come! Next Saturday, my schedule calls for an 8 mile run. I have a 10K race scheduled instead. I may or may not run the extra 2 miles.


Diana said...

Way to stick to your plans! With winter just not wanting to let go, it's so hard to get into a decent run these days! Enjoy your accomplishment of "doing it!"

I Run for Fun said...

Nice job on the are determined.

What's up with these dogs? Maybe you have a dog-lover sign pasted on your forehead or something!

X-Country2 said...

Way to gut it out. I'm so sick of winter too.

Melanie said...

Kudos for getting out there!!

bernthis said...

I applaud you for your resilience. I was a runner for a very long time. I can no longer do it b/c of my knees and I still cry about it but I always kept it to 5-6 miles. Never did a marathon. I'm impressed. Keep it up.

Al's CL Reviews said...

You're doing great!

Nikemom said...

WOOT on a great run!

Ali said...

Well done!

Denise said...

Nice job, dog lady! ;-)