Monday, January 19, 2015

Mid-January Update

I'm getting better at this blogging.  At least it hasn't been months (years?).
My intent is to post something at least once or twice per week...

Last year ended with a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday (3 months later), straight to my parents house for Christmas and home to bake cookies and eat junk food on NYE.  Our plans were to go downtown Nashville for NYE, but the 20* temps kept us inside where it was warm.

No idea what's happening in this picture - Las Vegas 2014

January 2, I started out the year in a "Biggest Loser" competition.  I'm running 3-4 days/week, doing an exercise video (Piyo) 2-3 days per week and tracking every single bite.  Yeah, I've been consistently working out 6 days / week for 2 weeks in a row. This has to be some kind of record.  I'm eating 1,700-1,800 calories per day, so trust me I'm not starving myself.  I had a lot of quick, water weight to lose the first week, but as of this morning, I'm down 14.4 lbs for the month.  I'm in first place.  :)
Now, to keep the momentum going (although not quite that fast).

Since I've been concentrating on this silly weight loss contest, there hasn't been a ton of news around here.  We got new bedroom furniture (yay!) and a sofa for the bonus room (yay!).  And, we've stayed home a lot.  We went for brunch exactly one time to meet a friend from out of town.

I have one race scheduled for January, a 5K next Saturday.  This will be the first 5K since last summer. I have to somehow learn how to push a little harder and see what my current 5K time really is.


Diana said...

Congratulations on the 14+ loss!

Good luck in the 5K...look forward to reading all about it!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Great job!

The Padre said...

Tell Us About Your 5K!!???!! Please